09 April 2020

‘Commandos’ in Variety

'Commandos' in Variety

NL Film’s creative producer Kaja Wolffers was interviewed by Variety about the new series ‘Commandos’. We’re proud to be a part of this war thriller, edited by two of our own editors Marcel Wijninga and Boelie Vis. The series is this year’s contribution to the digital Series Mania.

We got a big compliment about the edit as mentioned below. To read the complete interview, click the link!


“One of the aspects that immediately stands out from the series is the editing, which manages to both have a gripping rhythm in the set pieces and be formally playful during the flashbacks, going beyond narrative and more of a sensorial experience. What were your references when confronting these two?

We have taken a long time to perfect the edit. What Marcel Wijninga and Boelie Vis (editors) and Ivan Lopéz Núñez and Hanro Smitsman (director) did really well was use the tension in the series “present” and combine that with the more laid back approach that the flashbacks in Africa had. Hanro as a director has a more art house background, whereas Ivan is more of a thriller director. The editors did a great job in combining these energies in a single strength. We hope that we were able to make this work as a thriller with a deep psychological twist.”

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