13 October 2023

Oogappels wins the Golden Televizier Ring!

Oogappels wins the Golden Televizier Ring!

Drama series ‘Oogappels’ has won the Golden Televizier Ring last night in the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam.

We’re very proud to be a part of this popular multi-season series. Filmmore served the complete image post production, from offline handling to editing, from visual effects to color grading. Until today, our online editors have done the mastering of 50 episodes and QC’ed over 2500 minutes of screen time. And we’re still counting!

Congratulations to ITV Studios NL, BNNVARA but especially director Will Koopman for her endless energy and impressive work.

Props to the post production team:
- Joseph Derksen (Editor)
- Martin Klein (Colorist)
- Stefan Beekhuijzen (VFX Supervisor)
- Firoza Rahim (VFX Producer)
- Fleur Stikkelorum (Post producer)
- Jamie Erskine (Avid media manager)
- Maarten Heijblok (Conform editor)
- Wouter Betting (Online editor)

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