For Emilia

TV Drama

Grading: Fernando Rodriques
Visual Effects Supervisor: Daniele Kempen

Producer: Baldr Film
Director: Martijn Maria Smits
Screenplay: Martijn Maria Smit, based on an original screenplay by Thiboud Delpeut

The life of the single 51-year old teacher Lies is disrupted when a new girl arrives in her classroom. She’s confronted with a traumatic event from her past. Gradually, she develops a longing to take revenge for what’s been done to her.

Lies (51) is a single woman and a teacher at a high school in a small town. A new girl in her classroom, Tanja (14), throws her life into turmoil. After school Tanja is picked up by her father (Hans) and Lies recognizes him. Lies didn’t think she’d ever meet him again. An enormous traumatic loss from her past becomes tangible once more.

Lies can’t keep her eyes off the girl and starts to follow her. To get closer to her, she deflates Tanja’s bicycle tires without anyone noticing and offers her a ride home. In a desperate attempt, she proposes tutoring Tanja at her home. Tanja agrees timidly. When Tanja arrives, the tension can be cut with a knife. Lies can’t stand it for very long and, filled with emotion, she asks Tanja to leave. When Lies goes to Tanja and her father’s house, she is caught and runs away. Tanja confronts her the next day, which leads to an emotional outburst.

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