La Tierra Roja


Grading: Peter Bernaers
VFX Producer: Hans van Helden, NVX
VFX Supervisor: Bruno Sommier

Producer: Entre Chez Et Loup
Director: Diego Martinez Vignatti
Editor: David Verdurme

Pierre is one of the plantation manager pouring chemicals into the poor region of Misiones. In love with a young militant he will try to step back. But with the social war going on, you can’t switch sides so easily…

After a shooting in Argentina, Filmmore worked for the Director Diego Martinez Vignatti to enhance the effect of agrotoxic, and on Argentina social war ensuing. We made effects to change grass and trees as it was poisoned by toxic.

For a riot, we did some crowd duplication and add a grenade impacting on main actress. We also create a shot with dears trying to escape a wall of fire. Extra shots included Tv insert and some cleaning.

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