Those who feel the fire burning


Grading: Fernando Rodrigues
VFX Supervisor: Kasper Oerlemans, NVX

Producer: Baldr Film
Director: Morgan Knibbe
DoP: Morgan Knibbe
Editor: Xander Nijsten

As a group of refugees tries to enter Europe illegally by boat, a storm suddenly appears and all hell breaks loose when an old man falls overboard. His perception shifts into another dimension: a dark, hallucinatory place. Driven by a mysterious power and desperately in search of his loved ones, his soul passes by the everyday reality of many castaway refugees at the border of the alleged paradise, Europe.

The old man’s spirit observes people on the street being chased away like dogs, follows an illegal worker and a drug-addicted mother and slips inside crowded refugee shelters. Wandering through this limbo, the old man questions the meaning of his existence.

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