Grading: Rachel Stone

Producer: Revolver Amsterdam
Director: Camiel Schouwenaar
DoP: Jan Moeskops
Editing: Annelies van Woerden

A 25 minute youthmovie developed and produced for KRO-NRCV within the ‘Nu of Nooit’ (‘Now or Never’) framework of the Mediafund.

Best friends Vedat and Niel find 600 euros while walking along the street and rush to the fair in celebration. Vedat is consistently winning playing skeeball, which is noticeable to Iljah and friends who are the older boys of the neighbourhood. Noticing a stream of money from both Vedat and Niels, Iljah decides to come inbetween their friendship alienating Niels by teaching Vedat new skateboard tricks.

Vedat now in with Iljah and friends, doesn’t notice he’s being played but Niels does, which puts the friendship between the two friends to the test.

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