VFX Supervisor: Sander Jansen, NVX
VFX Producer: Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX
VFX Artists: Ruud Vreman, Rafaël Vantal-Vandroogenbroeck, Kwinten Debien
Digital Matte Painter: Emmanuelle Remy
Colorist: Fernando Rodrigues

Producer: Rinkel Film
Director: Ben Sombogaert
DoP: Jan Moeskops

The Arab Spring forces Tunisian Nazir, married to the pregnant Dutch hairdresser Kimmy, to escape to Europe, but he ends up in Lampedusa, imprisoned as an illegal refugee. RAFAËL is a romantic drama about two lovers giving everything they have, just to be reunited for the birth of their son Rafaël. It is a suspenseful story about borders, dreams, perseverance and love-transcending bureaucracy, borders and even prison walls.

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