Hang On


Editor: Yamal Stitou
VFX Supervisor: Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX
VFX Artists: Matthijs Slijkhuis, Ruud Vreman, René Berendsen, Sander Jansen, Alrik Wiggers, Praba Anandasundaram, Joep de Koning
Colorist: Erik Demeris

Producer: Tuesday Film & NL Film
Director: Bart Schrijver
DoP: Dirk-jan Kerkkamp

A dark comedy about a window washer on the literal brink of death and how the battery of an iPhone can cost him his life…

Window washer Dennis (Huub Smit) falls from the thirtieth floor of a building. He gets stuck against a window on the twenty-fifth floor. But he is in luck: inside he sees a woman, Debbie. He is saved. But that proves to be a lot more difficult than he’d hoped…

Debbie is half naked when window washer Dennis smashes into her window. They cannot hear each other through the un-openable window. Right before she dials 911, her iPhone goes flat and they have three minutes to kill before the little apple appears on her screen again.

How convenient when you were just getting ready for a date and there is a man stuck against your window who can give you clothing advice…

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