Human Days


VFX Supervisor: Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX
VFX Artist: Matthijs Slijkhuis
Colorist: Wouter Suyderhoud

Producer: N279, Room for Film
Director: Coen Eigenraam & Jeroen van ‘T Hullenaar
DOP: Roy van Egmond

In a foggy marsh, a frog tells about his life: how he was reborn time and again, starting as a tadpole over and over. Until something went wrong: he ‘got lost’ and woke up in the body of an adult man. From this moment, the life of this Allard (48) gradually begins to change: he loses grip of his familiar world. The frog inside wants to go back home, to the marsh he knows so well. In this imaginative yet realistically shot film, the frog’s voice is heard on the voice-over.

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