Mother, I want to join the cabaret (Moeder ik wil bij de revue)

TV Drama

Grading: Martin Klein
Editing: Boelie Vis & Christine Houbiers
Visual Effects: Filmmore / Hans van Helden
VFX Supervisor: Daniëlle Kempen

Producer: NL Film
Director: Rita Horst

Filmmore is proud to have graded and edited (Boelie Vis) the new television series Moeder ik wil bij de revue (Mother, I want to join the cabaret) by producer NL Film and Kemna & Zonen. The cast of these series, with songs from Dutch cabaret legend Wim Sonneveld, are a.o Annet Malherbe, Huub Stapel, Egbert-Jan Weeber, Noortje Herlaar, Peter Blok and Eva van de Wijdeven.

In the second half of the 50’s, a time of prosperity begins in The Netherlands, but not for Bob Somers, his father and four sisters. Being the son of a coal merchant, Bob is destined to take over his fathers business, a tough project because of the upcoming use of oil.
When Bob visits the cabaret at the invitation of his nephew Arnold, it strikes a spark. Not only is he impressed with the cabaret, but also with Jeanne, daughter of the owner of an electronics store. Bob moves to the city and gets a job as a stagehand and therefore gets to witness John Hagendoorn’s show on a daily basis. He takes singing lessons and gets his first small part as a ‘jeune premier’ in Hagendoorn’s company.
When Jeanne becomes pregnant, Bob and Jeanne decide to keep the baby and to get married, despite the disgrace.

Bob moves in with Jeanne, her dominant mother Aagje and Gerrit, her good-natured father, and gets a job in the electronics store. Jeanne’s parents expect Bob to quit the cabaret as soon as the baby is born, but Bob secretly begins to turn towards a career in song and conference writing. When Jeanne’s father dies, according to Aagje, Bobs presence in the store becomes essential. On top of that, cabaret star John Haagendoorn has announced a new show, in which will only star women, and therefore has no part for Bob. Bob is starting to see his dream slip away.
But when Haagendoorn’s show seems to become a failure, Bob gets a chance in a big role with self-written material. His dream of his own show becomes more and more real. But will the conditions at home and in the store allow him to realise his dream?
Moeder ik wil bij de revue (Mother, I want to join the cabaret) will be broadcasted by Omroep Max, from October 8 on Nederland 1.

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