Follow de SOA

TV Drama

Yamal Stitou, NCE, Marcel Wijninga, Haukje Heuff

Martin Klein

VFX Supervisor:
Stefan Beekhuijzen

VFX Producer:
Austèja Gaputytè

Fiction Valley

Ties Schenk

Director of Photography:
Danny Elsen

June 4, 2021 on Videoland

In Follow de SOA we follow the 18-year-old Esmée. After deflowering, an STD appears to be circulating in her annual layer. Esmée also has to deal with it and she does everything she can to find out where it comes from. But during her search she discovers a lot more about the special sex lives of her classmates.

Filmmore served editing, color grading, visual effects and deliverables for this Videoland original.

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