The Rotterdam Blitz (Het Bombardement)


Grading: Bart Verraest
Visual Effects: Filmmore / Hans van Helden
VFX Supervisor: Kasper Oerlemans & Hasraf Dulull

Producer: Fuworks
Director: Ate de Jong
DoP: Gábor Szabó
Editor: Herman P Koerts
Co-producer: In-Soo Radstake & Talent United

Filmmore Brussels is proud to announce that it will handle the image post production & visual effects for Ate de Jong’s upcoming feature film The Rotterdam Blitz. A thrilling love story between the young Dutch Vincent and German Eva. Their impossible love climaxes on May 14, 1940, the day that the center of Rotterdam is bombed. The film is produced by Talent United and Fu Works.

After having started their shoot in Belgium on May 8th, production will move on to Rotterdam Utrecht and Hungary. The film will have a theatrical release by Dutch Filmworks in December 2012.
The Rotterdam Blitz is a romantic drama about the vibrant love between Eva (Roos van Erkel), a young German architect, and Vincent (Jan Smit), a young boxer from Rotterdam. They meet one day before World War II starts in Holland, and soon everything is against them: the war, different social classes, and her promise to marry a widower to save her family. Impossible love. Their extraordinary adventure –seen from her German side and his Dutch side- climaxes in the 15 minute bombing of the centre of Rotterdam on May 14th, 1940. Will their lives and love survive?

Ate de Jong has directed several films and series in the Netherlands and Hollywood, including the hit series Miami Vice and feature film A Flight of Rainbirds. Producer San Fu Maltha is known for among others Süskind, Winter in Wartime and Black Book. Producers Rene Huybrechtse and Paul Ruven have been working together for several years with Talent United. In-Soo Productions is the Rotterdam co-producer.

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