The Woodcutter Story


Visual Effects Supervisor:
Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX

Visual Effects Producer:
Firoza Rahim

Lead Compositor:
Berenice Diman

Digital Compositors:
Joppe de Graaf, Matthijs Slijkhuis

FX Artist:
Tim van Helsdingen

Digital Content Manager:
Maarten Heijblok

Workflow Specialist:
Ivo Noorlander

Production Support:
Jesper Olyve

IT Support:
Rob van Halteren

Emilia Haukka – Aamu Film Company (FIN)

Koji Nelissen & Derk-Jan Warrink – Kepler Film (NL)

Mikko Myllylahti

An open-pit mine is unearthed in an idyllic town in Northern Finland, and a strange chain of dreadful events affects the life of Pepe, a kind and optimistic woodcutter.

After everything disappears around him, Pepe is faced with the question of evil: he loses his job and the love of his wife, his best friend commits suicide and even his house burns down. But no matter what happens, Pepe seems to be fine with it, as if he holds a secret to existence that is hard to grasp. The village is in turmoil and the dark underbelly reveals itself. A burning car appears from the darkness and fish and birds are talking in voices. People are losing their hope.

A mysterious character enters the village. He is a psychic singer named Jaakko who is said to be able to contact the dead. Jaakko has a message and a promise of consolidation in its most violent form: a connection to the other side.

A battle between hope and despair is unleashed and Pepe’s optimism and goodwill is put to an ultimate test.

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