Graded @Filmmore Brussels, Bart Verraest

VFX created @Filmmore Brussels
VFX Supervisor: Hasraf Dullul
VFX Artist: Sander Jansen

Producer: Lemming Film and Launch Works
Director: Remy van Heugten
DoP: Mark van Aller

Valentino (Najib Amhali) is a successful Italian Maserati-seller and has a relationship with Monique (Elise Schaap), the daughter of his boss (Derek de Lint). He is about to have a promotion and to marry with his great love. But Valentino has a problem, he is in fact not Italian!

If his father has a heart attack, he makes an emotional appeal to his son. Valentino agrees, but soon his promotion is in danger. And even worse, by all his excuses, Monique begins to doubt his love. To keep the woman of his dreams, Valentino will have to put of his Italian mask.

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