A House in Jerusalem


Martin Klein

VFX Supervisor:
Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX

VFX Producer:
Firoza Rahim

Digital Compositors:
Matthijs Slijkhuis, Raoul Ventel, Daniël van der Kaaden

KeyFilm in co-production with PalCine Productions (Palestine), Wellington Films (United Kingdom), Red Balloon Films (Germany) and Metafora Production (Qatar)

Muayad Alayan

Director of Photography:
Sebastian Bock

Follows a Jewish-British girl who is moved from England to Jerusalem for a new start that can help her heal from the death of her mother, but in the way she meets with the ghost of a Palestinian girl who was separated from her family.

Filmmore served visual effects, color grading and deliverables for this feature film.

The realisation of this film is made possible by the Filmmore Post Production Award on the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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