Sleepers Season 2

TV Drama

Yamal Stitou, NCE
Fatih Tura

Erik Demeris

VFX Supervisor:
Stefan Beekhuijzen, NVX

VFX Producer:
Firoza Rahim

Digital Compositors:
Berenice Diman
Alrik Wiggers
Agustin Christello

Fiction Valley

Iván López Núñez
Isabel Lamberti

Directors of Photography:
Jorrit Garretsen
Michael Brooke

The family bonds are put to the test… We descend into the depths of hell where Martin Oudkerk has ended up. The violence drags his family into the abyss and Martin will have to deal with his demons for good to survive.

Filmmore served editing, visual effects, color grading and mastering for this crime series.

December 15 on Videoland.

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