Sweet Love

TV Drama

Edited @Filmmore Amsterdam, Marcel Wijninga

Graded @Filmmore Amsterdam, Wouter Suyderhoud

Producer: Family Affair Films, MediaFonds, VPRO
Director: Albert Jan van Rees
DoP: Menno Mans
Screenplay: Martijn Hillenius
Source: RED

With Sweet Love, director Albert Jan van Rees (Toren C, Overspel) and screenwriter Martijn Hillenius wanted to make a musical in which all the adults are played by children. Sweet Love shows how the world works if you pay not with money, but with sweets. The rich have all the sweets, and the poor have nothing.

One man makes all the sweets, and therefore owns almost everything. His wife has everything her heart desires, but their marriage is no longer what it was. At a benefit dance, she has a chance encounter with a nice young poor man who is kind to her.

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