Zusjes (Sisters)

TV Drama

Graded @Filmmore Amsterdam, Wouter Suyderhoud

VFX @Filmmore Amsterdam, Kasper Oerlemans

Producer: BosBros
Directors: Dana Nechushtan, Anna van der Heide and Thomas Korthals Altes
DoP: Marc de Meijer, Bert Pot, Maarten van Rossem
Screenplay: Tamara Bos
Editor: J.P. Luijsterburg

A tragi comical series about searching adolescents and the derailed clumsy adults who are their parents. Sisters Mitzi and Eefje leave their parental home.

The relationships shift and each family member tries to adjust to his or her new life. Oldest daughter Mitzi struggles with her role as the responsible oldest daughter and hardly gets round to her own choices. Younger daughter Eefje takes all emotional space for her own ego and loses control. Father Rob is in the middle of a midlife crisis and starts a new life with his colleague Sonja. Mother Winnie is being thrown back on her own and searches for comfort in her Indonesian roots by nursing her old mum Grandma Toetie.

In 9 × 25’ we follow the explosive developments from Mitzi’s perspective who gradually starts making her own choices.

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