A Fold in my Blanket


Graded @Filmmore Amsterdam, Fernando Rodrigues

Producer: Zazarfilm, Georgia, N279 Entertainment
Director: Zaza Rusadze
DoP: Goga Devdariani
Screenplay: Zaza Rusadze
Editor: Tamuna Karumidze

Dmitrij’s monotonous days drag on, between working in the courthouse and his solitary rock-climbing excursions. In his endeavours to escape the stifling conformity of a small Georgian provincial town, Dmitrij gradually begins to integrate his newly met friend Andrej in his fantasy world. Then Andrej vanishes..

Back in reality: Dmitrij learns that Andrej has been accused of murder. Dmitrij offers to testify, to cover for his friend and to convince the court that at the time of the murder he and Andrej were on a rock climbing trip. Dmitrij’s evidence obviously stems from his daydream. The testimony is met with disbelief at the court hearing. Andrej is ultimately convicted, and, although all would seem lost, Dmitrij begins to nurture a spiritual rebellion within his soul.

A Fold in my Blanket (In Chemi Sabnis Naketsi) developed within the programme of the Binger Filmlab Amsterdam and was selected for CineMart 2010.

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