Flying Home


Graded @Filmmore Brussels, Olivier Ogneux

Additional VFX @Filmmore Brussels

Producer: Kanakna Productions, Otomatic, Twenty Four 9 Films
Director: Dominique Deruddere
Screenplay: Dominique Deruddere
DoP: Frank van den Eeden

Flying Home is a romantic story which centers on Colin, an ambitious young American corporate raider. One of Colin’s potential clients, a rich Arab sheikh, is a passionate pigeon fancier who has been trying to buy a champion pigeon from Flanders, but the owner, Jos Pawels, has been stubbornly refusing his offers.

In an attempt to gain the sheikh’s business, Colin proposes a deal: if he can convince the Flemish owner to sell the pigeon, then the sheikh will sign with his company. Colin sets off for Flanders, pretending to be teacher looking for the grave of his great-grandfather who died in World War I.

But when Colin meets Jos, the pigeon’s cantankerous owner, and Isabelle, Jos’s lovely granddaughter, he realizes that this assignment won’t be as easy as he’d hoped it would be. Will Colin get his bonus? Or will he learn that there’s more to life than big business, and get the girl?

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